WANTED: Pruning Jade bonsai. Keep it short. - Mike Myatt

mrmikemyattFebruary 8, 2007

Hi, my name is Mike Myatt and my question is : How can I prune my Jade bonsai? I have been seeing additional growth and I do not want it to grow too big, just maintain the shape, that's the whole bonsai idea i guess.

Thanks in advance for your help! I'm sure it'll be ok.

Mike Myatt

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Let's assume your plant is in good health and happy where it is growing. . . Then have no fear. You can trim 'jade' almost any time and as much as you want. However it is not a good idea to cut off all the leaves on any branch. Keep at least two leaves on each branch. Biggest problem with jade is overwatering.

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To keep it small remember to take it out of the pot and cut off some of the outer roots as well.

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