HAVE: Ginkgo

santoury(MA)February 26, 2005

I have a mess of maybe 15? Ginkgo seedlings. Dormant, but kept inside. About a foot tall including the root.

I will trade off the bunch as one trade, some might not "wake up" - so you're looking at probably a dozen baby Ginkgos growing soon.

Grew from seed that I collected this past fall. Very cold hardy.

I'm game for just about anything for this trade. But nothing too common.


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Would love to trade for your ginko seedlings if you have any left.

I have a lot of Galanthus bulbs, Junipe cuttings, some coton easter seeds, Lindera benzoin seeds

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let me know if you have any ginko trees left let me know what your looking for i havse some plant seeds

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If you have any left I will trade poppy seeds they are a rare type and blooms are like a rose but smaller and prettier

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