HAVE: Japanese maple seedlings

trish_ca(CA 8)April 14, 2007

I have many japanese maple seedlings for trade. They have their first set of true leaves so they are still very small...about 2-3 inches tall. Since these are from seeds, I don't know what they will look like when they mature, but now they range from a variety of red tinged down to green leaves...none look like they are solid red. If you are interested let me know..I want to get the rest of them dug up before they get walked on or the the little wild things around here dine on them. I can send a dozen at a time..more if you want.



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irene_kamel(7 (NoVA))

Trish, I would love to have some of these (if any left) for postage. (I don't have anything on your want list, or else I'd offer that). Please let me know :)

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I would love to have some myself. I really don't have anything to offer, I'm relatively new. Would you take postage,etc.?

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I would love some seedlings I have lots of scotch pine christmas tree seed if you are intrested thanks I also have lots of bubble wrap pouches they are not in envelops but they are envelope 5x7 size let me know

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Do you still have any of these seedlings left? If so, could you let me know how much postage would be as I do not have anything to trade for that's on your list.
Thanking you in advance.

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nomadh(10-11/so cal)

I'd like to try some J.M.s . I have pond plants and bamboo to trade or perhaps a reblooming bearded iris. OR postage if you prefer.
Thanks, Damon

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I would love to receive seedlings from you. I have redbud and red cedar seedlings or postage.

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Hello, I love some of these too. Do you have any left?

I have MANY MANY Eastern Red Bud seedlings, a couple of hostas, and some Ivy to trade.

Or I'm happy to pay shipping.


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If you still have any, I'm interested. I'll gladly pay shipping. I don't have anything to trade, but if you want to get any off your hands, let me know.


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ilovegrowingplants(ZONE 9)

trish im new to bonsai. If you have any left please contact me I will gladly pay whatever you want. my email is hypnoticecstacy@yahoo.com

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Hi Trish. If you had Japanese Maple seedlings this spring, you should have them again next spring I would think.

I have both purple Japanese Iris and Japanese Rooftop Iris (cristata) to trade. I could ship the iris this fall or next spring if you would like either.

let me know what you think.


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