WANTED: New to Bonsai-Unintende Bonsai Project

marbles_n_the_garden(DownEast Maine, Zone 5)June 8, 2007


This is my first time to this forum. 2 years ago, I potted up a maple seedling, and it has survived--stunted. Last fall the colors on it were beautiful, and I hope to continue with it. For a tree that spends the winters outside, do I just keep leaving it outside every winter? I know many people have bonsai in the house, but would bringing it in hurt a tree like that? I imagine I would not get those fall colors if I didn't leave it outside. It is about 6 inches tall.

By the way, if anyone wants maple seedlings--acer rebrum or acer I am not sure, but I think sugar) please e-mail me, I have many, and I am about to weed them out.



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Hi Robin,

I too am a newbie here but had a couple questions for you. A few weeks ago I harvested two maple seedlings (which are both around 2-3 inches tall) and hoped to keep them as bonsais.

How did you care for the Maple, in terms of watering, pruning, etc?

Also, could you post a picture if possible? I'd love to see what the maple looks like by 2 years of age.


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marbles_n_the_garden(DownEast Maine, Zone 5)

Sometimes, I cannot bear to just weed out (and kill) a plant that is not a weed in my mind. I threw the maple in a pot, I may have watered it, but if I got the clump of dirt with no root damage, I may have just potted it and left it. I really paid no attention to it. Last year, when it was so colorful, I noticed it, and moved it to where I have other trees in pots waiting to go into the landscape. Then, I paid no attention to it. It may have gotten water from me as I watered the other trees. That's it.

I have some maples here that plant themselves in pots!

I will try to get a photo. It is raining today. Also, I have to have my neighbor come over with her digital camera. I will post by next week, I think.

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