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softballcoachJune 29, 2012

Hi. I am a new member. I found this forum searching about royal poncianna bonsai. I bought a bonsai recently that was thought to be a poncianna but through research, it is a nice Jacaranda bonsai old enough to bloom. South Florida has thousands of royal poncianna trees currently in bloom. I passed such a tree today and dug up a nicely shaped "pup" about 10" tall most likely from a fallen seed. I brought it home, snipped the long tap root, trimmed back the branches and potted it. It has a nice shaped trunk with a natural twist at the bottom. What are the survival chances? I am very vigallant in monitoring my new find. What are the chances of this specemine blooming in the coming years?

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Hey softballcoach, I'm new here too and by no means am I a bonsai expert. I can tell though that I have a several plantings of Royal Ponciannas (from seeds) I'm also attempting to bonsai. A couple I've had over 6-7 years now and still no blooms. I don't know if they ever will bloom either. I'm still hoping, but so far no luck. I'd love to have a Jacaranda too. I planted one in my yard, but I'm too far north (Sanford area) and the cold killed it after 3 years of freezes.

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About blooming: every plant that has the genetic potential to bloom can. What a lot of people don't realize is that it's not the root structure or soil really that affects blooms. Remember, blooms are the plant's way of reproducing. Unless a plant get the right signals it simply won't - what every plant needs to signal that it is the right time to bloom is a specific temperature range and a particular length of day and night. Predominantly indoor plants suffer particularly from incorrect ratios of the latter. If you can figure out day/night length of the plant in the area that it thrives with best and supply that, it should bloom. Make sure that it is getting both full light and complete darkness too though, many people forget that plants need a nighttime too: this is when most of their flowering and fruiting processes occur. Hope that helps!

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