WANTED: wanted pink variegated serrisa have a ton of seeds

gardenerderJune 29, 2008

I once had a pink variegated serrisa but my exhusband drowned it while I was out of the country for 3 months and I haven't had the heart to get another since.... until now.

I have a new love who lives in New York and I am about to make the move from Kentucky to live with him. I have tons of land here, and usually have a big garden, but I didn't start one this year because I didn't think I would be here all season to care for it.

So I have a ton of seeds that I collected or traded last year that I would like to trade for a pink variegated serrisa.

I want to bring it to my new start with my new life. I am not gonna let this man water it!! Live and learn.

There are at least ten if not many many more of each type of seed unless otherwise noted.

Vegetables and Herbs

Alaska Peas

Beefsteak Tomatoes

Thai Bird's Eye Pepper

Early White Vienna Kohlrabi

Dwarf Green Pod Okra

Bell Pepper

Iceberg Lettuce

Rutger Select Tomatoes


Early Golden Acre Cabbage

Early Golden Bantam Corn

Clemson Spineless Okra

White Lisbon Bunching Onion

Ornamental Pepper

Calabrese Broccoli

Table Queen Squash

Super Sweet 100 Hybrid

Southport White Globe Onion

Riesentraube Cherry Tomato

Moneymaker Tomato

Aunt Gertie's Gold Tomato


White Icicle Radish

Yatsufusa Japanese Chile

Long Island Mammoth Dill

Sweet Basil

Snowball X Cauliflower

Moss Curled Parsley

Nantes Coreless Carrot

California Wonder Pepper

Cayenne Pepper

Early Scarlet Globe Radish


Plox Chanal

Love in a Puff

Purple Coneflower

Camellia Flowered Mixed Colors

Butterfly Weed

Baby's Breath

Nicotiana "Heaven Scent"

Hyacinth Bean Vine, Purple- 6 seeds

Gypsophila "Covent Garden"

Bachelor Buttons "Blue Boy"

Clematis, Purple

Aquilegia Columbine "McKanna Hybrid"


Zinnia "Burpee's Tall Premium Mix"

Impatiens "Tropical Fizz Hybrid"

Cosmos "Sensation Mixed Colors"

Salvia "St. John's Fire"

Cleome "Rose Queen"

Bachelor Buttons

Alyssum "Carpet of Snow"

Pansy "swiss Giant Mixed Colors"

Balloon Flower, Rose

Marigold "Tiger Eyes"

Sunflower "Mammoth Russian"

Marigold "French Dwarf Mixed Colors"

Cupid's Dart

Morning Glory "Tall Mixed Colors"


Moonflower, White


Black-eyed Susan

Petunia, Pink

Moss Rose, Portacula "Double Mixed Colors"

Hollyhock, Yellow

Marigold "Petite Yellow"

Impatiens, Violet

Poppy, Red

Snapdragon, Assorted Colors

Poppy, Red Corn

Aster "Burpee's Tall Premium Mixture"

Star of Yelta

Marigold "Crackerjack"


Morning Glory, Mixed

Salvia "May Night"

Cornflower "Burpee's Premium Blue Cornflower"

Torch Lily

Poppy "Pink Opium"

Bellflower "Carpartica"

Helichrysum "Double Mix"

Petunia "White Cascading"

Columbine "Pale Pink"-6 seeds

Hibiscus "Red Hardy"

Bleeding Heart, White

Bleeding Heart, Pink with White Drop

Hollyhock "Althea Rosea"

Sweet William

Delphinium, Mixed Colors, Tall

Columbine, White

Strawflower "Bikini Mix"

Petunia "Scented Dreams"

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if you like to send me some plant seeds i'll take them i loss all my plants in strom in new orleans and just moved to picayune from panama city fl to a new place now i can start fooling with my plants again

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