WANTED: help!!.. lol... i am very new to gardening...but i love

italysmom(6)July 18, 2007

hello, I am very new to gardening in general but i so want to try doing bonsi.... i have some maple seedlings, and some mimosa tree seedlings that i would like to start as bonsi... can anyone tell me what i need to do.. or where to find the information on it? thansk so much...Tammy

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try looking around this site.

If your little plants are just seedlings, treat them well, and wait till next year to tinker around with the root or shoot system at all. If the seedlings have a bit of height to them, try merely bending over (carefully) the branches with a weighted string or loosely wrapped wire (that holds it shape fairly well). Bonsai prefer to get a lot of light, or be placed outside. So if your little seedlings are inside, put them in the window!

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