WANTED: My jupiter bonsai dried out! help me

tessytaJuly 30, 2007

Hi my Jupiter bonsai tree has dried out. I went for 10 days out of town and I left it in my garden under a big tree but every day was raining a lot in Austin so probably my little tree got to much water now it looks browm the leaves look dry and I'm wonder if it is gonna died. Now I'm keeping the bonsai in the sun, I don't know what to do.

I am new to owning a bonsai. can anyone help me save my bonsay?

Thanks a lot

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I'm guessing your little juniper is a new purchase from... a Mall or department store in a little pot with Gravel that is glued in place and not Moss over the soil. Unfortunately, Bonsais have become extremely popular during the past 10 years or so. This has caused a lot of unscrupulous people to find ways of Mass Producing miniature trees in weeks as opposed to years to create. They do this by buying 'Blue Mound' junipers, Cutting off a lot of branches to quickly shape them, then shake off all soil from the roots, cut them back as far as necessary to fit into the smallest pot needed to look good, potted back up and a nice helping of gravel in epoxy is spread over the top... If you paid the extra amount you may have even gotten a little japanese figurine glued in place as well.
The poor trees never even have a chance. They never even have time to recover from such a severe pruning of branches OR roots!
Your poor tree may just be dead. YOu can lightly scrach off a small section of bark with your finger nail or butter knife... If it's green underneath, it's probably still alive... If it's white or brown, I'm afraid it's dead.
If it's alive, I'd take it out of the current pot, and if you really want to save it, plant it in the ground in the yard. Give it a good drink and keep your fingers crossed. Once and if it recovers, wait a year or so and then you can try repotting... check back then on how or pick up a book take the year to learn a bit more.. you may even want to head to a garden center, get your own blue mound juniper and create your own... More fulfilling!
Either way... Good luck


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I have a green jade tree, have had this 14yr old for 4 yrs now. Since the last two weeks I notice it is shedding all its leaves and the end of all branches drying and shrivelling up. I am worried what to do. How do I prevent any further loss of life for my tree. the trunk still is healthy and upper branches too.
Do I need to stop watering or cut off the dry branches or do I need to check the root for any rot???
Please help I don't want to loose my tree.

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I guess Paul has given you good advice. I just lost my beautiful jade tree. It just shed all its leaves and the branches dried up and within 10 days the main parts of the trunk also dried up and when I scratched the bark it was black underneath. it just didn't look good. i was hoping it would survive and its still sitting on my study table.
Well good luck with yours

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