have: have: triphasia trifolia, otherwise known as limeberry

drasaid(zone 8)September 16, 2007

It is a citrus, with small leaves and fruit. It will get nice gnarly bark and thorns. I have some seedlings of it I'd like to swap for Myrtus Ugni (ugni molinea, Chilean Guava), Luma Apiculata, Chilean Wintergreen, Thimbleberry, or hey tempt me. I like edible stuff.

Seeds are ok too; I'm going to ship this priority so it has to be seeds I want! thanks.

oh, I like new zealand tea tree as well . . .

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Hi I live in Arkansas and I have been looking for limeberry.
I have many plants tropical and temperate, pre-bonsai, water plants, bamboo and much, much more.
Let's Talk!

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jinenid(zone 8 south AL)

I have tried to grow these from seed, but with no luck. They have a very short shelf life! I don't have anything on your list, I have quite a few pre-bonsai if you are interested in a trade. Thanks, Jeff

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Looking for limeberry. What do you want in return? Have herbs, gingers, bonsai rooted cuttings and seedlings.

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