WANTED: pink serissa

first_serissaOctober 25, 2007

I just got a "PINK SERISSA" as a gift from a friend. The tree was purchased through "Bonsai Boy NYC". The tree was delivered on Friday but was at the shipping desk in my company over the weekend. I opened it on Monday and watered it since it was in a box for quite some time. Placed it on the windowsill facing south. Tuesday, I watered it some more since the top soil seemed very dry and also brought it out for 6 hours of the day to get it some sun. I then did some reading and found that it wasn't good to keep moving it around so I decided to keep it indoors. There is one single flower and I am noticing some yellowing of the leaves and plucked some of the leaves. The temperature in my office varies from 60F to 75F. Also, the windowsill is near a radiator that won't be turned on until deep into the winter. Any suggestion on keeping the serrisa alive will be much appreciated! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!

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I'm new to this forum and upon seeing'serissa' I had to read your post. I'm a beginner myself at bonsai and have been able to make a miniature tree from one of my serissa plants simply by keeping the branches cut on a regular basis.......the trunk now is about 1/2" dia. It has taken me about 4 yrs to do this and the plant lives outside year round......most bonsai plants prefer outside. I do realize if you're in a colder zone it would need some protection. I don't know how to post pics here but if you would like I"ll gladly send you a picture by email. Sharon

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These plants may lose all of their leaves when in a new environment or when temperatures change. Don't worry- new ones will bud :) (I know this is an old post. But felt compelled to say this, many times I thought I had killed my other ones)

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