WANTED: want starter lignum vitae

ricjo22(5)November 17, 2010

looking to trade for seeds seedlings rooted cuttings or young trees of any size of lignum vitae known as tree of life i think.i would consider a trade for an older specimen but i am very reluctant to part with my own older trees.see my list of haves and wants. looking for a few grams of hortusIBAsalts cant afford to buy a big amount 100 gm min.i have some rooted cuttings of olive trees and lots of little leaf boxwood japan. jade somthing or other.i bought the first one over ten years ago from musser and forgot the name

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You are in luck. I have a 2 year old lignum vitae that I would be interested in trading come spring. I have grown this and several others from seed. These are slow growing plants. The one that I have for trade is about 10 inches tall with caliper of about 1/4 inch. And yes, I would be interested in a trade.
Leave your contact info and I will get back to you.

Tropical Lady (zone 10 - south Florida)

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tropical lady e-mail me at hughri1@aol.com i think i am having trouble reaching you

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