HAVE: Japanese Maple seeds

kent_t(6b)November 10, 2013

Heirloom Japanese Maple seeds (Acer Palmatum) Trading twenty-five seeds per trade. If you need more we can do more trades. The Maple seeds I am offering came from either of two trees one red and one green so the open pollination could be either. I have the seeds separated and can send the color you prefer but no guarantee to the final color. I have used the seedlings for grafting, and Bonsai rootstock, because of the hardiness of the trees.The trees are documented to be at least 100 years old because of the authenticity of the house that was built in 1906 and the trees were planted then or before! The trunk on the maples is 30" or more, are 18-to 20 feet tall and are the same in the spread so that should be a good indication of age. They were shipped here from Japan and were not cultivated here in the states. A friend of mine gave me permission to collect the seeds in hopes to safeguard the original line of the trees. Germination rate is 80% I have been getting these seeds for years now and no problems. I have traded these seeds here and other seed exchanges to the point they are now growing in all but 6 states! Not because of them not growing but no one has requested them. Stratification and germination instructions will be included with the seeds! Seeds collected on 11/1/13 so they are fresh.

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