have: have: jm seedling

urbandkDecember 7, 2009


i got a some red leafed japanese Maple seedlings for trade. they sprouted about a month ago, and i am trying to grow it thru the winter indoors. You would need to winter it outdoors next year. I have it growing in some test tubes - which can easily be shipped, or i have some in 1/8 gallon grow bags - which are pretty heavy. Right now they are all about the same size, so there's no difference in the pots yet. i assume you would transplant it anyways.

I am looking for some ficus rootings, azalea / rhododendren rootings, grow tubes, test tubes, 1020 flats or trays...

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seedlings look good. Unfortunately time is running out for shipping things. Especially those in full growth or tropicals. Thanks, Jason.

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Thanks for the advice... okies.. no trades till next fall.


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prayerrock(zone 5)

If you still want to trade any of those seedling I am very interested and can tell you how to pack good for shipping this time of year.


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about 90% of the seedlings made it thru winter in my basement.

about 50% of them had a nice growth sprut and are in the 5-6" tall range. the rest are in the 3-4" range.

If your interested in trading let me know.. looking for any thing interesting for bonsai, pine seedlings, propogation flats, trays.

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Any one interested in trading for Japanese maple seedlings?

i have some smaller ones, in the 5-6" range and some larger ones in the 12-18" range.

The 5-6" ones were started in March - the 12-18" were started last Dec. as seen in the earlier photos. Its like kids growing up.

Looking for gallon plastic pots, 1/8 gallon grow bags, or square quart pots, dissectum seeds or seedlings, ficus seedlings, jade seedlings.

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I can trade for jade seedlings or cuttings if you are interested. Please email me if interested. I am interested in making this into a first Bonsai.

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i have a sago palm rooted bulb and i would love a japanese maple

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