HAVE: bougainvillea 5'', purple

botanical_billDecember 20, 2006

I have about a half dozen bougainvillea from hard wood cuttings, rooted very nicly using liquid root hormone. The parrent and cuttings had purple bracts.

Looking for:

-Chinese elm, cork bark

-Japanese maple, non hybrid

-willow leaf ficus

I still have the calamondin oranges with about 5 seeds each, I have about 10 of these. I dried out the fruit, leaving the seed inside.

Im willing to trade both a few bougainvillea and calamondin seeds for one or a few plants off my wish list.

Make me an offer.

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I would love one or two of your cuttings. I have tons of Chinese Parasol Tree seed and probably a few seedlings to trade. Please let me know what you think. Thanks, Cliff

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Im going to have to say no. Sorry. Im looking for bonsai type plants. The Parasol has huge leaves, Im interested in
willow leaf ficus
Japanese maple
chinese elm
or another small leaf type.

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jinenid(zone 8 south AL)

I don't get to this site often, as the date shows! Do you have any of the bougainvillea left? You are looking for ficus nerifolia? I have some cuttings that were rooted last summer. Let me know! Jeff

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I'd like 'em all - I'm hoping to start some Boug cuttings.

I have plenty of different prebonsai including your Ficus. Take a look - thanks

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Bill - still waiting to hear from you.

I also wanted to add - The Chinese Parasol has huge leaves, yes, but I think the reason she offered you some is because they have an awesome huge taproot that can be raised. I do this with mine, and it's quite stunning - I have some babies as well to offer. Thanks

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I have to appoligize for not getting back to you guys. I have a pop up every day to remind me to get back to you. I snoozed on it since october.
I have been moving and in that I lost the plants. They didnt like being moved, I think it shocked them.
But since I have a cuttings box and know how to do this, Ill try again in the spring when I have my own house and wont be moving around.
Ill post here when I get them rooted and ready to trade. Im going to drive around and find a purple plant and possibly an orange or yellow one. Get a varity.

Till I post again, take care and have a happy new year.

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