HAVE: calamondin oranges (about 5 seeds each)

botanical_billDecember 3, 2006

I have a small handfull of ripe calamondin oranges, they each have 5 seeds or so. I was hoping to trade for almost anything, since my bonsai/plant collection is small.

Things Im very interested in getting.

-Black Pine

-Willow leaf ficus

-Jap Maple (any sub spec)

-Chinese elm (corkbark type)

I will have bouginvilla cuttings rooted in about 2 more months and some bald cyprus.

Let me know, my email is in my profile.


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Dear Bill,

I'm a college student looking to start a single Bonsai to grow throughout life. Calamondin oranges have very sedimental meaning to me, and I was wondering if you might be interested in trading. I have VERY little, which I apologize, but I do have paperbirch, sugar maple, and red maple seeds.


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