This year's recruits...

bliorgApril 15, 2010

Hi, all -

Very excited about the new plants we've accumulated for this season. My kids are getting involved (and I'm returning from 15+ years away from bonsai), so we've picked out a bunch to play with:

A Parson's juniper:

A Korean boxwood my son picked out:

A Hardijzer's azalea:

Today's acquisition, a beautiful precumbens juniper, perfect for cascading:

And, for instant gratification, a schefflera that will be split into two plants and grown over rocks:

Total expenditure, about $50.

For now, everything but the schefflera (and maybe the soon-to-be cascae juniper) is going into an 18" deep raised bed for a season or two. We'll do some pruning and pinching, but largely will let things grow for a while. The cascade I might not be able to wait on. And the schefflera is a weekend project, day after tomorrow.

Had to share. Thanks for looking.


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tropicalfreak(z10b Ft Lauderdale)

Interested in seeing what has happened since this post. :)


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