how to make wisteria into tree?

GOGI11(7)May 6, 2011

Hello everyone I am new to this forum and new to the art of bonsai. I have always been in love with nature and finally found an art form that lets me express my self and enjoy the gift of nature. I am growing Japanese Blue Wisteria from seeds. I planted them in the end of March and now I have 3 baby wisteria vines. My question is when and how do I turn the vine into a tree?

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jastitizer(zone 7)

Well, you'll probably want to let them grow wild for a while. One of the main things you want to look for in bonsai is a strong trunk. I'm not sure how fast Wisteria grow, but since it's a vine, I'd think rather quickly. I'd give them a couple years. PATIENCE is one of the hardest things about bonsai. =) Hope this helps!


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mike423(5 IL)

Wisteria (as with most woody vines) will have two types of growth. One of these will be 'whips' which are the long string like growth that vines use to wrap around surrounding objects to pull themselves higher, remove these as they extend and allow the other type of growth to persist for at least a few years to gain some girth before you even think about beginning to shape it. I also would grow them in the ground to allow them to grow faster and have stronger healthier vigor. A potted plant can take five years to have thew same growth that can sometimes be accomplished in a year in the ground.

Keep in mind that the Japanese variate of Wisteria have flower clusters that grow the longest (sometimes around a foot long). Keep this in mind as a factor for the final appearance of the tree. A large size bonsai or a semi/cascade style is probably best.

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It all depends upon the kind of shape you want to give to the bonsai. If you want to give that stout tree shape, then you have to start almost 1 and half years from now. But in case you just want a miniature tree look which is a bit tilted then you can try 2 years later from now.

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Did you just plant the seeds, or did you germinate/stratify them first?

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I have a nice specemine that is at least 12 years old. If you are looking for your young bonsai to flower, you most likely will have to wait a few years for that. Mine is trained around a rock. It gave my wisteria a solid footing to grow straight like a tree. Don't get it near anything it could latch on to. They are very aggressive climbers.

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I don't know what variety of wisteria I germinated. I planted two, in separate pots. I set the soil up differently in each pot -- one has a screen and pebbles on the bottom, and the other does not. One of the plants is barely living, but the other is about 14 inches tall after 2 years, and I can't remember which pot got which treatment! I gave the taller plant a small stake and encouraged it to wrap a whip around the stake for support. Now the stem has an overall shape rather like a number "7". I'm hoping it will branch soon. It did not drop its leaves this winter; they have all browned at the edges and look as if they are considering dropping off, and the tip of the whip extending beyond the stake withered, but there are new axillary buds waiting to grow out. The plant is growing indoors in a window where the sun is indirect for most of the day. The pot is 7" across and 6" deep, with an attached dish. I drench and drain it about once a week. Any advice?

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