Chinese Elm

simsedwardMay 12, 2010

I am living in Southeast Michigan and have recently purchased my first bonsai - a Chinese Elm. When I bought the tree, the lady at the bonsai shop sold it to me as an indoor tree. I brought it home and set it in a sunny windowsill. I've had it about a week and many of the leaves are turning yellow and dropping off. I have read that taking the tree outdoors may help; however, the outside temperature is cooler than the indoor temperature at this point. Just wondering if anyone has any advice. I am hoping this tree will make it. It still has a lot of green foliage. I moved it out of the windowsill at one point because I thought it was getting too much sun and the leaves stayed green for a few days.

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Simsedward, when you bought the tree was it inside? Chinese elms are out side trees but can be brought inside for longer times than most decisouse trees.probably what you have is a tree that is trying to go dorment because that is what they do . leave it outside watch for new buds popping where the leaves are falling.keep wartered maybe fertilize but fifst check the soil it is in see if it drains good hope this helps john

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Let us know what is going on with the elm tree ok??? john

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