Bark In Bonsai Soil

rocksintheheadJune 27, 2012

I was wondering if pine bark in bonsai soil takes any of the nitrogen that the tree needs out of the soil. The reason I ask is I have been reading a lot about composting and they say that wood, saw dust, chips take a lot of nitrogen out of the soil while it's breaking down. Then I see all these bonsai soils with bark chips and I am a little confused. I know the bark chips in the bonsai soil isn't there to be composted but the chips don't know that, they are going to do what comes natural, start decomposing. One thing I haven't read is that bark acts different than the main wood pieces, if you know what I mean.

I know that bonsai soil is different than regular soil and that it may not encourage decomposition of the bark chips (as much). But if any one has any info on this I would be glad to have it.

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Try posting again to the main forum. Since the gallery is for pictures, maybe no one has seen your question

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It is possible if the bark has not been composted first. That's why I use composted Pine bark.

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