Juniper Bonsai Problems 2

lmadsen10June 1, 2007

Here's another picture of my Juniper Bonsai I just moved outdoors (see previous post). Any suggestions on how to get it healthy again? Thanks.


Image link:

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How long was it indoors? According to bonsai4me, it might be showing signs that it has been for several weeks effectively dead..

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This is common in junipers,from what I can see of the plant it looks healthy.Do'nt worry.

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bonsaikc(z5-6 KCMO)

My question is, are the needles soft or dry? If soft and supple don't worry. If dry and crackly, don't keep it.

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Bonsai are not meant to be kept inside. A sure way to kill one. If you want to grow some here is how to over-winter them.
In Oct place the tree (still in it's pot) on the ground against the north side of a house foundation. Next drape a clean discarded towel over the soil and wrap snugly around the trunk. This makes unpacking it a lot easier. Now pack leaves up over the pot and all the way up to the bottom limb. Spray the leaves down with a water hose to settle them. This will be enough water to hold it through the winter. In March just unwrap it carefully and you wont have many pieces of leaf on the soil.
The north side of the house is chosen to keep the wind off it and the tree will absorb heat from the house. I took a class and this all came from my teacher. It has worked for me for 16 years. Good luck.

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An overall picture of the tree would be useful. Junipers do have a tendency to do this. It also looks like some of the braches are getting too long, and this might have contibuted to apparent die back of the foliage. Spray the whole tree with water (which helps to soften the needles), and then pinch out the shoots to bring the shape back together.

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The same thing is happening to mine apart from the fact that i have never kept it indoors. The needles are also a bit yellowy but the rest of the tree is a full green

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