My Bonsai (in progress)

jastitizer(zone 7)August 26, 2009

I haven't been on in forever and, in fact, just created a new account because my old one was so out-dated. I thought I'd update everyone on the progress on my bonsai. The first is a bald cypress I just got. Since, I have planted it in the ground in the pot so the roots will grow out the holes and, eventually, thicken the trunk. The second is a ficus benjamina that was huge and spindly and in a regular pot. But I recently did a transplant, as you see in the picture, a partial defoliation later, and it is doing very well, now! The third one looks aweful, and I know. I had just done a hard prune and it took a while for the new buds to break, but, since the picture, they have and it looks MUCH better! Any comments or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks for reading!

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I have a suggestion for the first tree (the Cypress). If I were you I would pinch of the top growing bud several times over the next couple of growing seasons. This will promote more bushy growth toward the bottom of the tree and will give you more options when it comes time to shape. Also, having more twigs/branches toward the bottom is going to help fatten up that trunk a bit. Just make sure you trim off unwanted branches before they get too thick otherwise you'll have some nasty scars.

I am actually going to be posting my new projects pretty soon and I will be doing a similar process on them.

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