Ailing Bonsai Plant: white 'cottony' fungus and falling leaves

nihalOctober 17, 2006

Hi this is a message for lucy who responded to my post in the "bonsai" forum. I transfered my post here so I could attach a picture since I am not really sure what kind of bonsai it is. I think it is a ficus of some sort. The leaves are fairly small, fully green (when healthy) and shiny, and every so often it produces some very tiny white flowers.

I live in Morocco, in Casablanca where the climate is somewhat hot and humid, but not extensively either. The plant is sitting on a table, set back from a big window which gets mostly afternoon sun. The plant gets alot of soft light, all day, but no direct sun.

Any help on how to cure the plant from its fungus, and regrow the leaves would be very very appreciated, as I love this little tree.

Thank you, Nihal

Image link:

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You need to try and get a close up of the problem. This picture, good as it is, is about as much help with this problem as a photo of my dog.

I am thinking that you do not have a fungus but mealy bugs, or spittle bugs.

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