Another Pic of my oak

literati08November 11, 2009

When and How to Prune ... Thanks

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jastitizer(zone 7)

That could have a good future! I'd imagine pruning is best in the late winter so the wounds aren't exposed for very long. Pruning in dormany can also provide styling advantages because you don't have leaves in the way. Good luck!

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Hi There, Finally,someone with an oak as a Bonsai in Training!!! Yours is absolutely exquisite in form-how did you come about getting yours? Did you grow it from seed or take a cutting or dig from ground as a young tree?? I have a live oak seedling grown from an acorn-mother tree is focal point of backyard-house built around it,and just in case something were to happen....storm,move...(I'd die before I move...)anyway, it is about a foot tall now with new shoots looking like maybe to branch out now.I don't know if it should be pruned by "cutting top off" :( or let it continue to mature awhile before making too drastic a decision.I'd love to have it form into what people see live oaks to be out in the fields of FL and GA....with branches bending to the ground and then starting back up again-gorgeous, aren't they? Well, fellow oak bonsai person, if you want to chat or have any tips, PLEASE send on and I will have a clue as to how to proceed with my live oak. Pls let me know the story behind your pin oak,it seems to be quite the Bonsai Beginning !!!

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docjsf(6 Indiana)

i am growing many different species of oaks from seed as i have found that i often get multitrunked seedling from a single seed, 2 to 3 trunks. i think willow oak have potential as they are shallow rooted (unlike bur oaks) and have smallish willow shaped leaves.

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