Help ID this tree, cutting candidate?

shelleykjJanuary 27, 2007

I'll try to add the photo, otherwise check the Bonsai Gallery. The tree is 8'-10' tall, drooping branches almost to the ground, spread 6' across, medium texture grey bark, 3" oval or heart-shaped shiny dark green leaves(when it leaves out). The branches kind of twist around each other before twigging off to droop. Any guesses? Wondering if it would be good to try a cutting from.

Thanks everyone!


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You've already been told it's a weeping mulberry (and agreed) - why are you asking again (just curious)?

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If you look at the times, you'll notice Shelley posted here before she got her response on the gallery forum.

Shelley (or anyone else),
Out of curiousity, what are the "rules" about taking cuttings off trees, or taking whole trees out of the ground? I've been reading a bunch of posts about that, and I'm just wondering...are you allowed to dig up trees or take cuttings from any tree or does it have to be off of your own property? Again, it just perked my curiousity.

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Shelley, I've seen another weeping mulberry bonsai (in the form that you have shown), but to many people it never really came across as a bonsai per se (which is a huge can of worms). However, the owner keeps it for sentimental value - it was owned by a relative who had since passed away.

Gabi, I'm not too sure about the legal aspect of this issue, but I would assume it to be at least common courtesy to request/obtain permission from the landowner before collecting anything.


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Gabi, I guess all I've read is that if it's not on your own property, you need to ask permission. I suppose otherwise, it could be considered anything from trespassing to vandalism, etc.
Good Luck!

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Yes, that's what I thought.

Again, I didn't ask for my own reasons, but thanks for the "good luck" anyway...I'll save it for when I need it :-)

I don't "do" bonsai, but I do own a bonsai, so I like to browse this forum. While browsing, I read that many people "dig up" trees and whatnot, and I was kind of shocked that it was legal to do that! But now I understand that it's either their tree or they've asked permission.

Shelley, Good luck with your project.

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As for the legal aspect i had a similar question. i live in an apartment complex, if i were to take a cutting from a plant inside the complex would that be illegal. also if i were to plant a tree in the vacant area of the complex would it then be the property of the apartment and no longer mine?

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Hi Hooks, I honestly have no idea. Maybe ask the manager about getting a cutting. Otherwise you could try the tropicals that are supposed to do a little better indoors. Just got a great book by Brooklyn Botanical Gardens about indoor bonsai, lots of info. I'm just a beginner!

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I have some indoor varieties. Four types of Ficus, a serrissa, and a bougainvillea. The concern is that i also have some outdoor varieties as well two junipers and a chinese elm. The best way to get sufficient trunk growth is to plant them in the ground, so thats why i'm looking to plant them in a vacant area of the complex, possibly even in the mulched area. I may just have to try some large pots to get the trunk bulk, it wont effect the trunks quite as much but i guess i would be able to get better roots.

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