can someone help me identify this plant?

natalie76January 28, 2007

I received this bonsai as a gift and was wondering if anyone could help me identify the plant so I am able to look up care information on it?

Many thanks!

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gnome_in_pa(Zone 6)


Try the link below.


Here is a link that might be useful: Chinese Pepper

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thank you for helping me identify my plant. I've looked up the few other pictures i could find.

the pot was broken and i replanted the bonsai a few days ago. I used a mixture of the old soil and all purpose bonsai soil i ordered online. the leaves keep falling off my plant and i'm not sure why. i found the little tag that came with my tree and it is kept out of direct sunlight and the room is bright. the soil is still moist. the room temps can fluctuate between 70 and 75F.

my plant before....

my plant now looks like this...

thank you for all your help and suggestions.

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It's probably staying much too wet and should be allowed to dry out a lot more in between waterings. The soil should have been mixed with a lot of grit of some kind when you repotted, for fast drainage (for future use). Don't keep it out of direct sun, it needs all you can give it and give it a few weeks to recover from everything.

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