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head_cutterJanuary 18, 2010

sports fans. The guys from the cultural center came today to view the tree and drop off the paperwork.

I will be the first westerner to show a tree in the Tet Holiday display in Vietnam. They know of no other in any city, town or village...ever.

The good Commies in the local society are pissed beyond belief but can't do anything to stop it!!!! I love it!!!


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Terrific - please put up pix when the show's on!

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Congrads..Bob glade you made it. show them up and get pictures if they will let you.. john

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sfhellwig(6a SE Kansas)

Congratulations! I hope there is not any discrimination and your trees are given the respect they deserve. Perhaps they will learn to put their preconceived notions about westerners aside. Yeah, I don't really expect it but maybe. Good luck!

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The discrimination was the local Bonsai Association trying to keep me from showing the tree. It's been accepted by the guys at the Ministry of Culture so there's nothing they can do now except look at it.

When my buddy Tuan and I were over there talking I casually mentioned that I'd be willing to do a demo maybe lasting an hour or was just mentioned in passing and I thought they'd shrug it off.
It seems that no one has ever done that before...ever. The boss there thinks it's a good idea and they are trying to decide on the day to have me do it.

This little display thing has snowballed into something which could be fun in the end. I always loved doing a demo and to have a westerner be the first ever to do one here is sort of a thrill.


Oh...and I'm buying the demo tree so I get to keep it too.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Wonderful, Bob!
This is truly exciting. For the sake of posterity, Document the Process!


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What good news. I hope you WOW them. After that you can start your world tour. I am program VP of a club in So. Cal. when can we expect you? Best of luck, Jack

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No world tour Ha Ha, I've done my share of demos and classes/workshops. I did really offer the demo as a joke, really didn't think they would go for it mostly because of the problems I had just getting to show the tree. I will take pics of the display here for Tet, it's a nice one.


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