Ugly Duckling?

chilliwin(EU DK 7)January 24, 2013

I do not grow bonsai but I grew hot chili. I am a new inexperienced container gardener.

I never wished to buy ficus ginseng but I have bought one about four months ago, I did not know why.

I take care a lot of my chili plants but not the Ficus Ginseng. Only I started to give attention this FG during the preparation of Al's 5.1.1 ingredients collection.

I cleand the leaves with a moisten soft cloth and water regularly. It never gives trouble to me, it does not much matter whether I water it or not.

Recently I have removed some of the soil because it looks a lot in the small container and put some LECA. Two times I fertilized with NPK 3-1-4. I cut off one of the big roots protruded on the undesirable way :) and removed some of the buds.

When I cut off the soil I could not find any bark, perlite, vermiculite, truface nothing else except the sphagnum like moss. Still I do not understand most of the container plants found in the super markets do not have perlite, vermiculite and barks in the soil. Most of them have almost similar soil. I would like to know how do they have grown all these plants, but I cannot find out. We have forum for gardening but not give much attention on the container soil. I tried to start but no one response.

Now I have this FG and I would like to know a little bit about how to take care of it. I have full confidence that it can survive very long time without my care. However I like this FG give similar treatment like the other chili plants, I do not like to leave it as an ugly duckling among the chili plants :) any more.

Have a look:

I like this FG grow a little bit taller with big leaves. Some of you have already a lot of experiences so please advise me how often should I water, fertilize, soil replacement and light to grow this plant better.



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