beatup99January 9, 2009

Hello, it's me again ^^

I have another question... My bonsai is placed outside my window, and it catches direct sun during the entire day, but only on one side. Should I rotate the bonsai every day, so it can get sunlight on both sides?

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Rotate the TREE (not "the bonsai")... yes.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Plants grow toward the sun - Heliotropism (as I like to say) - or toward light - Phototropism. Whichever your prefer. So, if you want a plant to grow in a particular direction, aim it toward the path of the sun.

For balance, you need to turn the tree regularly. During the growing season/s, you need to turn the tree even more often. If you have the opportunity, observe how the tree receives light throughout the day.

In my living room, I have large east-facing windows, as well as a south-facing window. So, to capture as much sun as possible, I place my jade plants (for example) on the eastern windowsill in the morning. When I get home in the early afternoon, I move the jades to the southern windowsill. During the spring/summer growing season, I move them around on the deck often - several times a day, if I'm home.

If one of my plants is leaning, I'll turn it AWAY from the sun so that the plant will bring itself upright as it turns back toward the sun. In my opinion, it's good for both the trunk and the roots (anchoring).

Anyhow, this post is longer than it needed to be, but I thought I'd ramble. There's a good song - "Otherworldly Dreamer" playing... ;)


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