Juniper Bonsai

jimbolhiJanuary 10, 2010

I am wintering 2 Juniper Bonsai in my unheated garage. One is a starter plant abut 5 inches high that cultivated as a sprig this summer. It is in a plastic pot and not yet in "bonsai" soils. The other is from a class I took with a bonsai master, Chase Rosade, this spring. It is in a bonsia pot in a good soil mix.

Both have been thriving both outdoors and in their first couple of months in the garage. Watering has been sparse as I have read, and a gro-lite provides the necessary hours of light they need. Last night however, I notice the soils were hard frozen. Should I still bury them in mulch or soil in the garage if they will be subject to only a few days of deep freeze? Usually the garage stays in the 30's unless we hit the low teens outside. I will be very upset if I've managed to damage them. I read about the three levels of freezing - the soil, intracellular and intercellular, and it doesn't seem as though my garage environment will subject them to the worst scenario. Thanks!

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Everything sounds great (except for the one that didn't make it into grit yet) and I would leave it all alone. If you're learning from Chase Rosade, you've got a terrific expert there!

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I would not worry about your junipers unless the temp falls below 25F for several hours. Mine stay outside on their benches all winter and we get down into the high 20's regularly at night. The days are above freezing however so the trees do not remain frozen for long periods of time. I have never had a juniper die in the four years I have lived at this location. Good luck, Jack

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i wouldn't try to keep the plant inside the garage all the time, but its good idea to avoid the snow.
just keep it outside when it's not snowing. bonsai needs the sun.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

You might find the link below helpful .......

Here is a link that might be useful: More info in Al's post - about freezing temps

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