Choosing a Front - Sumo Ficus

thamsJanuary 6, 2013

Hi All,

So I purchased a Ficus Retusa (sumo style) from Meehan's this weekend. I'd been eyeing it for some time and decided to pull the trigger.

I need help choosing a front! I like both sides for different reasons. I'm going to repot this summer and will begin branch development. It's currently in a large, deep rectangle pot. I think it would look best in a more shallow, oval pot. For reference, the base is roughly 6 inches.

Anyway, let me know what you all think!

Here is the current front.

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The back.

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bwaynef(z7 SC)

The first side has better roots, but both sides could use some correction. I also like the trunk on the first picture better than the 2nd.

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Thanks for the response. Both sides are in need of some serious root work. I'll take care of that when I do a full repot this summer.

I like the shape of the second picture's trunk, but I think the first picture's flows better somehow.

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I like the second side. It has a more welcoming balanced presentation. In fact, it looks somewhat like a Buddha with a Buddha Belly. Yeah, yeah that's it, Buddha Belly. Aloha

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