My Pine Bonsai Is Dying Can I Save It?

thisduganJanuary 16, 2011

My Pine Bonsai Is Dying Can I Save It? I got a young one from a friend yesterday. I don't think he did a great job watering it because when I got it the soil was as hard as a brick. I gave it some water(not to much).It still isn't getting better. All the needles are at the top half of the tree. The needles are green but it dose not take much force at all to break the needles of the stem. Is it just not a good one or am I doing something wrong. It is really dry and cold here because it is winter. I need a response soon so if you could answer this it would be great!

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Is it indoors or out (where it should be)? If it's out, I would think the soil is frozen and therefore needs no water at all. If it's in, it may or may not be too late. Scrape an inch long mid-trunk piece of bark and if there's green underneath it may still be ok. More information would help.

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I have a similar tree which I received as a gift for christmas, and I also have similar conditions for my plant. I learned that it would be very stressful to make a transition to living outdoors. Is it possible to make that transition? If not will it live indoors?

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If a tree's been living indoors until now, probably the coldest week of the year or so, now would not be the time to put it outdoors. You'll have to keep it inside somehow until it's warmer out (consistently above freezing overnight) and hope for the best.
Zachman - A "similar" tree could be anything, and may need different care. Can you post a picture?

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I recently bought this picea glauce conica bosai, here in my home town is the second month of summer and temp in day time is about 100F. Can i do some pruning now or i should wait till fall, please give me advise about it ,thanks all.

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