Bonsai @ Walmart

Craigger7February 11, 2013

Strolling through the local walmart I found that they are getting a nice gathering of small bonsai. Even though I really don't need another Fukien Tea, I could not resist.

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Yup, just make sure you check that soil covering. Walmart has a bad habit of hot gluing everything into a solid sheet to keep it from moving during shipping so it looks pretty on the shelf. Just double check that the painted moss they have on there is water permeable.

On an unrelated note, I've always seen Fukien Tea, and have always wondered, "Is it actually related to camellia sinensis?" As in, do the leaves actually contain caffeine?

Was thinking I should start a bonsai out of an actual tea plant so that when I trim it I can use the leaves.

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auron22(6b OH)

To answer your question Edymnion, no fukien tea (carmona microphylla) and camellia sinensis are not related.

Some fun tea facts...
All White, Green, Oolong, and Black tea is from new growth on the camellia sinensis (Not any other camellia, only sinensis). If it is not from this specific plant it is not actually white/green/Oolong/black tea. The only diffirence between the types of tea or how they are processed. White contains the least amount of free caffiene and black the most. Almost anything done to the camellia sinensis, while growing or harvested will affect the outcome of the tea. Even different climates they grow in will alter taste. So a camellia sinensis grown indoors as a bonsai might not taste as good or taste better than store brought tea (depends on palate).

I would do some very extensive research before injesting fukien tea as it may be poisonous even in small quantities.

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Yeah, I have a pair of sinesis growing out in the yard (and trying to root a broken branch I found the other day).

Its just difficult to get actual tea plants here for some reason. TN seems to be on a do-not-ship list for the biggest supplier I found (yet others have no problem shipping here, so I don't know whats up).

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