Growing bonsai in a hot climate???

emmybee93February 10, 2013

Hi, I want to create a Japanese Maple and/or a cherry blossom, however I live in Victoria, Australia and in summers it can get waaayyy too hot for those species. Is there some way I could keep them cool??? Thanks, Em.

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I don't know how hot it gets there but there are people keeping JMs in Texas and Arizona.
I'd guess afternoon shade . Maybe auto mist in afternoon.
From my own troubles in the South(USA) I'd ask do you have enough winter to put them into dormancy? That was allways the problem in South Fla. Not the heat.
Good Luck

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The Port Jackson Fig (Ficus rubiginosa) is often recommended as 'the very best tree as figs, are tropical or sub-tropical trees, are often mentioned in bonsai books as suitable for cultivation as indoor bonsai.

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