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HolliecabbagesFebruary 27, 2012

Hi there,

New member here. Holliecabbages is my name. I'm a long time bonsai tree lover, short time bonsai tree poster on the interneter.

How is everyone doing? What is your favourite bonsai tree?

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Dont know yet lol all of mine are too young to know. So far my gineng ficus is the most active but ive got sevral kinds. Eastern white pine eastern red cedar. Live oak water oak(which isnt doing so hot) paper birch just sprouted, royal empress comin in strong, pink mimosa starting to sprout, spanish oak comin up and im waiting on blue jacaranda, maple amure, tamerind, redbud, patagonia dogwood, and japanese weeping cherry. Lots of fun ahead :)

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I want a tamarind.

I have quite a few tropicals, deciduous and conifers. My favorite are elms, juniper and ficus since they are so easy to work with. Although a only a few are in real nice bonsai pots. I have a quince which I really like since it is one of the few I have that flowers. The other flowering one is serissa.

What kind of plants do you have Hollie?

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If my tamerinds come up i can send u one no prob ill have more than i need if half of them come up

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thehodge, Thanks for the offer and I will be glad to get a seedling if you have enough. I tried several times and none sprouted for me. Once, when it sprouted, it promptly died on me.

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I have a Texas Ebony tree that I purchased over seven years ago. This has been a favorite of mine. The truck is white and the leaves are deep green. I have trimmed back the roots twice. The tiny twigs have thorns and I have gotten pricked several times in my attempt to shape it.

My little tree's name is "pinky". Yes, I have names for each of my bonsai trees and people think I have lost my senses.

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I meant to say TRUNK instead of truck. Sorry

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I am new to the site as well, and i am somewhat new to bonsai. Due to my housing situation i am refined to only growing indoor plants.

I have been growing adenium obesum with some success for the past two years. I have mostly ficus of a couple varieties. And i recently got a a few small dwarf jades.

Welcome !

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Unfortunately after 3 rounds of over 50 tamerind seeds i can log the expidition as an epic failure. No tamerinds. Not even so much as a hint of a sprout.

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I'm also new to Bonsai, but I'm very exited.
I've received a Chinese Elm and am trying Maple.
Soon I'll try some other species of the neighbourhood like Willow,
but I am really looking for a Pine in Holland.
Sadly enough seeds will only appear in autumm though.

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NLdude elm and maple are good choices but willow is a real challenge even for a veteran. They tend to try to grow a lot at first and then die back to ground level after a few years. Some other good choices I have had success with are boxwood(easy to find and root cuttings from florist) barberry and larch. Stay away from softwoods with big leaves.Ric

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Ric, thanks a lot for the advice.
As I am new I am going to need help from people like you.
Trees in my region include lots of softwood like birch and willow,
and lots of maple and planetree.
I did stuff with plants
but I've never looked at trees in the region
and it is spring now but nearly all of them are deciduous.


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