trunk chopping?

staticx(6b)February 12, 2007

i have a cutting of a j.maple its about twelve inches high and the trunk is like a quarter inch when and if it roots how long do i wait to trunk chop.also can i just cut the trunk in have,wont the bottem be thicker than the many times do i chop to makr the trunk at least an inch and a half thick.

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Trunk chopping usually isn't a one-shot process - generally, there are multiple trunk chops which occur higher and higher up the trunk. This produces a more gradual taper as opposed to a drastic, sudden, and single change in trunk thickness (as you mentioned).

Usually, you wait until the trunk is at the desired thickness before chopping. So, if you want a trunk at least an inch and a half thick, wait until the trunk is at least an inch and a half thick.

- Audric

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