Trying to revive gardenia bonsai, need help!

Hawkeye03February 3, 2011

A friend of mine got a gardenia bonsai as a gift and watered it too little. It dried out horribly, all the leaves shriveled up. I felt bad for it so I started watering it every day to see if it would come back to life. For about two weeks it did nothing. On the third week it started to sprout new baby leaves in a small section on the bottom. The rest of the tree is still shriveled and dry. Is the tree still salvagable? What should I do?

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domehome(9 CA)

Sounds like you've made some progress in saving it.
Most of the tree may not come back, and then again it may.
If I were you I would look online for "Gardenia care" and see what else I could do for this little tree. I know there are specific fertilizers for gardenias but even a general fertilizer would help.

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Thank you, what do I do if the rest of the tree doesn't come back?

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Hi Hawkeye03.
I recomend you put your bonsai in a homemade greenhouse. you find a lot information about make a greenhouse with PET bottles or plastic bags. Controlling the humidity is crucial to your plant survive.
Hope your bonsia make it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gardenia Bonsai Tips

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