Ideas for Fruiting Bonsai Plants

Edymnion(7a)February 12, 2013

I've been making bonsai out of my pepper plants as a way to overwinter them for a couple years now while I waited for my main project to grow big enough to cut back (a eucalyptus gunnii, which I cut back a week or two ago, its doing fine).

I like that my bonsai have more uses than being purely ornamental. The bonchi (bonsai chilies) can and do produce pods while being bonsai, I've got a blueberry that I've trained into a bonsai, and I'm considering getting an actual tea plant (camellia sinensis) to make into a bonsai as well. All of which produce fruit or edible leaves.

What other ideas are there for bonsai that will produce fruit or other useful bits? Main issue I see with most of the trees/shrubs that spring to mind (mulberry, cherry, even a grape vine) is that they have very large broad leaves. Not exactly ideal for a bonsai that you want to keep producing.

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Welp, decision was made for me, more or less.

The big box stores have their fruit trees in. My cherry trees could seriously use some grafting to help fill them out (as well as help with pollination). While I was looking through the trees I found one with a very character filled graft union that would look great as a bonsai.

So, I'll be chopping the top part of the new tree apart for scion wood, and turning the bottom half into a bonsai.

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