MUCK recipe needed to adhere moss to rock slabs

bonsai_moss(zone 5b northE.)February 16, 2005

Greetings all. QUESTION about MUCK:

Does anyone have the basic recipe on how to make muck?

I have so many slab projects, moss, and bonsai's that I have been working on..........and I have now run out of muck (it's been too costly buying it). I need to make atleast 5 gallons of muck. I did a search online for MUCK but there is nothing that is upfront listing how to make muck.

I want to design some more miniature landscapes on some large rock slabs, and the muck makes an excellent border to prevent erosion. Muck also seems to be the only type of soil that my minature and tightly compact mosses adhere to naturaly.

Thanks in advance!

- David

zone 5-b

USER NAME: bonsai_moss

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See "Bentonite/Powdered Clay" at the bottom of this page. Also check out "Slab Forest complete" in the gallery.

I use clay powder to make muck. It can be found at soap making/candle shops in my area. You will just have to call around to find it. I've seen it on ebay also.


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bonsaikc(z5-6 KCMO)

My teacher uses the dust sifted from akadama and kanuma, along with shredded white sphagnum moss and some clay to make muck. I wouldn't use green sphagnum, however, as it is dangerous to work with.


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I have used the following mixture with some success.
Equal portions of three ingredients, red clay (we have a lot of it in MD, spagnum moss cut into 2-3 inch lengths, and garden or potting soil. Mix it all together to form balls that do not crumble. I let it set for a few days to allow the moss to absorb as much moisture as possible.
When doing a planting on a large slab, I sometimes imbed a narrow piece of wire lath rolled into a sausage like shape to imbed in the dam. Seems to keep the whole dam together.

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gregb(z7? AZ)

Chris--I have seen the recipe you give for muck--sans clay, that is; the dust from sifted akadama, sphagnum moss and water. Isn't the addition of clay redundant? Akadama is, after all, clay, isn't it?

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bonsaikc(z5-6 KCMO)

Well, yes, except that all akadama is fired somewhat, some softer and some harder, and so it adheres less well than raw clay.


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gregb(z7? AZ)

Not to labor a point, but why use akadama at all then? If the clay component offers adhesiveness, use it and it alone...

I have lots of rock plantings and use no muck at all. Live moss is what I use to stabilize the soil, and while it takes awhile to establish itself just after being placed, once it is established, there is nothing quite like it. And it looks quite natural then too.

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I go to the Bonsai Learning Center for my muck. This stuff is perfect for lots of bonsai projects.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bonsai Learning Center

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