Regrow Bonsai Ponytail top?

kathreen8February 15, 2013

So my mother gave me this Bonsai Ponytail last year for Valentine's from Costco (it came in the mail....) Within a few weeks all the foliage at the top fell out. I eventually stabilized it and as you can see have some sprouts coming out the side. I thought the top foliage would eventually regrow, but sadly it hasn't. Is there anything I can do to stimulate it?

Also I live in cold Wisconsin in an apartment and it has a sun lamp that it shares with some other plants. I have given it Osmicote and Miracle Gro every few months. Other than that it gets water when it needs it, a bit every few days. This is my first Bonsai and I'm proud it is still alive, particularly after how it reacted the first few days.

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If the top doesn't revive, you actually have a cool opportunity for some sculpting. When you're sure it won't come back (give it a year or two just to be safe), you could take a drill and a dremel to it and turn the stump into a broken hollowed out standing log. Make it look like an old tree that went hollow and broke in a storm, but is regenerating from the base.

Basically you'd just take a drill with a borer bit to hollow out the core of the trunk, then use the dremel to carve some jagged looking edges into it. Its called deadwood and can actually make for some very interesting pieces.

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