is this ginseng ficus deformed?

jamie6788(06)February 2, 2014

I think this is a ginseng ficus, (ficus retusa) my problem is, when I look at other pics of this plant, it usually has two or three "legs" I guess you can call it. This is a single one with one long root. I'm dying to do root over rock but with this weird one I don't think it's possible? Do these start out with one leg and than grow more or did I get a dud haha. Are my options just let it be and buy a different one that has multiple legs and use that for a root over rock? Yes I posted a similar post but that was to find out what this plant was.

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It may just be young enough to have not yet put out more legs, it may end up being quite a bulbous 'trunk only' tree (which could be interesting in iutself), but you bought it as is and if it was not what you wanted... do you need our permission to get others as well?

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That would be cool if it grew more legs but even if it doesn't, oh well. Of course I don't need permission! :) when I first got it I didn't know anything about it, I read you can bonsai it and that caught my eye, until I seen pics most have more legs. I was just curious if it would grow more legs or if I should just buy one that had more and use that to try and bonsai. Ill just wait it out and see what happens! Do you know anything about these? I keep reading about how strong the roots are, this only has one long one, maybe when it gets older it will grow more

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Tell you a secret - you don't 'bonsai' these things.... just put them in a bonsai pot because they're interesting looking, keep the 'bush' trimmed however you like, including taking off new stems if you want (not required of course) and concentrate on keeping it alive (not rocket science for those :-).

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