please help!! re:dying hornbeam

SarahbtFebruary 9, 2013

I have had my hornbeam for a few months now, and it was thriving until I went away for 4 days and forgot to ask my flatmate to water it. It was out in the summer sun on all of the four days and when I came back it had completely dried out.

The leaves had turned brown and crunchy, some had fallen off. I would say only 5% of the leaves were green and healthy.

Since then I have been immersing it in water every day or every second day depending on the soil but there has been no improvement. Does anyone have any advice? ANything would be appreciated!


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Hey Sarah, I would say the good thing is that by evidence of the tree having 5% of its leaves, it is still alive. Unfortunatly, there is no wonder solution for the tree now. This is not to say the tree will not recover. If the tree was thriving before you went away, you have to continue to give it that same care and allow time for the tree to recover. The tree is stressed out right now.

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Hornbeams can lose all their leaves and come back with new ones. I'd try morning sun, afternoon shade and only water when needed. She's not going to need a lot of water til she starts putting on new leaves. As long as you have green wood theres a good chance the tree will recover. remember that overwatering now won't make up for underwatering a week ago.
LOL I just realized we're in March,my Hornbeams are just now starting to put on their spring leaves. Is your tree indoors ? (You could live in Miami (; ) I guess morning sun is out.
Let us know how it turns out.
Good Luck

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Just remove dead and dying branches. Crown lift to 5m over road. Prune branches by 2m to clear telephone cable T2 - Hornbeam - Remove dead and dying branches with a diameter of 40mm.

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