Crape Mytle Leaves Drying

Craigger7March 25, 2014

Hi guys, I just picked up a beautiful tree at the Philadelphia garden show. I've been watering the tree almost ever day, however the leaves on the tree are starting to dry up. I was told this species likes lots of water. I have it indoors in a room with lots of big windows. It wasn't directly in sun light. So as I'm reading it states it does prefer lots of direct sun light. So now I've moved it into a position where it has lots of direct sunlight. I semi feel that I will be killing it more by doing this. Any help is appreciated.


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how tall or how old is it?
have u been repotted that plant?
do u plant it on the container or yard?

based on my experiences about this plant (because I have it too), crape myrtle is very adaptive plant, it means that they will fall almost of their leaves when they get extremely environmental change.
when u plant them on the full sun, they will produce thicker leaves and if u plant them on the lack of sunlight they will produce wider leaves but thin.

if u've just repotted, it seems like a transplant shock.
do not watering every day, wait for the surface of the soil to almost dry. new transplanted plants need moist soil but not damp or u will drive them into root rot.

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Hi Willz, the plant is 25 years old. It is in a deep bonsai pot which was already established. After buying it I didn't repot it, there was no need to. The plant is about 16 inches tall with a nice movement. I am seeing some healthy new shoots. I have the plant about a month now. So I can see how the old leaves may be dropping due to the environmental change of adjusting to my home. This is my first Crape Mytle. I have some questions, I did some research and seen that the plant can be placed outside in the summer. I've also seen that it should go dormant for the winter. How does it do as an inside tree?

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once crape myrtle has established it will be a drought tolerant plant. just water it when the soil almost completely dry. maybe u can just add some mulch to retain the moisture, this plant loves moist soil but very hate dampness.
based on my experiences, over watering can make this plant to drop leaves and buds too.

I think it just an adaptation because of environmental change, just wait and try to not over water it.
crape myrtle is native to warm climate, so winter protection would be a thing that u should do.

I never seen my crape myrtle on the dormant period because I live in south east asia which is never have winter season and I don't have any experience facing the winter.
what I know is this plant loves full sun, when u put them on the partial or maybe shade they will still survive but it will affect to their leaves and flower buds, a lack of light will make they just produce a little number of buds and the flowers/buds will be very easy to drop.

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TY Willz!!!

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