Splitting a nursery juniper

radiocom(9)March 31, 2013

I purchased a Green Juniper from the local home improvement store and it has three nice size trunks. Would the juniper survive if I cut the third trunk away from the others to make two bonsai's?

I am wanting to saw down thru the middle of the root system to obtain as much rooting with each segment of trunk.

Hope I am explaining this correctly.

Thanks for looking and advising.


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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

It should take it in stride with no problem, as long as there are roots remaining on each half that can 'feed' each of the stems on each of the plants. IOW, there has to be roots connected to the vein/cambium that feeds each stem/branch. If there isn't, the stem/branch won't survive, so keep that in mind.


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