When to prune?

VerlorenMarch 11, 2013

Hello everyone.

I recently went to the local plant school and I kinda bought this little bugger on a whim as I thought it with some work could turn out to be a beautiful little bonsai (I might be wrong thou).

But I'm in need of some advise as to when to prune it? I bought it yesterday and instantly re-potted it into decent soil with good drainage and drain holes, so should I allow it to settle for a short month before pruning it down?

The full name of it is Corokia Cotoneaster, so it should be pretty strong but again, I would hate to make a mistake this soon.

- Hope for some useful replies :)

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Let it grow for a while so foliage thickens up then go from there is what I would do

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This little tree has a ways to grow. So let it grow for a while to get some vigor going as DL has written. While you are waiting. Do some research and planning to decide what you want to do. Research your plant on-line and see what others have done. Then research the various styles for bonsai plants and choose one that your plant would most likely suit well. Then sketch your plant as well as you can. Then from all the information you have research and decided from draw what you want your tree to look like, which branches you want to keep and which ones to cut away, shorten. You are looking for the visual perception of age as if it were a full grown tree. Read, read , read, you have plenty of time. If you want more specific answers from the questions you have from research this forum will help. Aloha

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Thank you very much for the useful advises you guys are giving me. I been trying to find a lot of information about my small plant, however google seems to fail with a good amount of hits.

However I got some information about the plant now, and I will indeed let it grow for a while so that it can become strong before pruning it back :) I already have a small idea about how it should look, but after some growth it might change :)

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I think cotoneasters make good cascades if that spurs any ideas for you

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Thanks Dal.

That is indeed what I had in mind as well, the looks combined with the large pot I think it has a great chance of turning into a neat little cascade :)

But for now its going to grow, I'm going to let it suck sun once its available, and water it after need/once a week (Am I wrong, when i read information that most bonsais take watering once a week but on the same weekday.. take Monday for example?)

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Water when needed try the chopstick method if your unsure. Cotoneasters are very hardy though so should be a good starter for you

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Just a small picture update on my cotton easter.

It seems to be doing great in the soil its in, got a fairly deep root system that picks up all the water. Not sure if the soil is "fast drainage" compared to other bonsai wishes but it seems to be doing fine :)

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