How to grow a Juniper 'inside'

mashburn82March 3, 2012

My wife received a Juniper and we thought it was for indoors. I went to a place to get trimming tools and they brought up that a juniper could not live inside. So I would rather ask a vast amount of people here and see what you all think.

My wife is very attached already to this tree. Please tell me a way for her to keep it indoors.

if this is a dead NO. then could someone recomend what tree could be an indoor bonsai, BUT still carry on the same look to a juniper. Because I thought of changing it out and showed her pictures, but she was connected to this tree and she also mentioned how she did not like the leafs on the ones I showed her. so if there is no way I can keep this juniper inside, then what tree would have the same type or close to the same type of format and leafs?

Also I would like to have it grown on a rock. I know that it takes a good couple of years to do. but would I just place a rock under it and then place soul and everything around the tree? I would like to have a good size rock under it. so would I be allowed to get the size pot I would want? I know the point is to keep the tree small, but she would not mind it growing another foot so it could be placed onto another good size rock.

also if it matters I could post a picture on here for everyone to see. but it is goes up to abut 6" and looks like a normal tree, and also goes out to the right about 6-8", like a long branch.

Thank you,

Jonathan Mashburn

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A juniper cannot live inside and survive, at least for long. I don't know of anything similar that you can grow inside and survive. I would suggest reading up on some bonsai books on species that can "tolerate" living indoors. All trees are outdoor living and nothing is as good as growing outside.Good luck!

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Yeah, don't grow juniper trees inside. They need dormancy. If you want an indoor tree, get a schefflera, jade or ficus.

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reg_pnw7(WA 7, sunset 4)

The juniper needs to live outside, in sun. You could bring it in for short periods for display but that's it. For an indoor bonsai you need to select from houseplants.

To grow it on a rock you would have to remove the soil from the roots, drape them over a rock, then place the rock on soil and work the root ends into the soil. It won't grow on just plain rock, the roots have to reach soil.

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