New variegated serissa dropping leaves?

Pallas_AthenaMarch 21, 2014

I purchased a variegated serissa from a Farmer's Market in Florida last weekend, because the seller seemed very knowledgable and said that it was an easy plant for beginners.

It is blooming quite beautifully, but I have noticed that every day it is dropping 1-2 leaves, despite not letting the soil dry out. I have it in indirect sunlight with a humidity tray, and I water the base. What can I do to keep the leaves on my beautiful plant?

Additionally, I will be traveling back to Ohio by car, and I was wondering how it would be best to transport it, and where to put it in the house. Like I said, I really don't want to kill it--it is my first bonsai, as I am largely a cacti and succulent collector. Any advice would be very much appreciated! Thank you.

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The seller lied - it is anything but an easy tree and you were the victim of a greedy seller. Anyhow, put it in direct sun all day long. Yes. And don't water from the bottom. Nature doesn't. Do put the pot up on pebbles so water doesn't get wicked inside at all - it's for humidity only (so make it wide if you can). Water inside (from the bottom, or too often from the top) will rot the roots.

Great name you chose :-) - Kalispera!

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Also know...many throw these out thinking they are dead...when in fact they are just stressed. Take in mind that when in stress and lacking leaves it will need less watering. But...give it time and don't over water it.

Very finicky bonsai...just be patient...and hopefully you'll have success with it.

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