bonsai without the tree?

paul_(z5 MI)March 11, 2014

Came up in a conversation the other day and hoping someone here might know the correct term for such.

I realize traditional bonsai utilizes a woody plant such as a tree or shrub. However, I recall seeing plantings done using grasses or other plants as the center of focus with a very "bonsai-like" feel to them. Unsure whether would be considered a form of saikei -- though they were not landscapes -- or just a form of nontraditional bonsai (which might have its own term) or something else entirely.

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Not sure...I know ones at call something similar to what you accent plants. Even have a section just on that.

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Accent plants might be what you're thinking of, but they aren't ever the center of focus, although they are often beautiful enough to have pictures taken of them alone. Accent plants are usually grasses or flowering annual plants, and they are planted in small styled pots much like bonsai are. They are allowed to grow naturally with no pruning or styling, they represent other plants that might be growing near a tree in nature. In displays they are placed to the side of a bonsai.

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