HAVE: have ; large fragrant stargazer lilies and more....

tina_2March 6, 2011

Hi - I have some large fragrant tall,

stargazer lilies to trade. These large blooms are

great for cutting to make a bouquet and so fragrant!

I also, have a mix of tall,

to 36 inches,fragrant large blooms oriental lilies

to trade; white ,pink and red blooms.

All, are perennials and multiply each year.

plants that I am looking for ;

bleeding heart plants



big type ferns




elephant ears

large taro

flowering shrubs or bushes


fragrant plants


calla lilies


vines / tropicals



passionflower vines

lambs ears

turks cap





or make an offer. I am sure there are other plants, that I have not discovered yet! :) Please, email me with the details. Thanks, Tina :)

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Hi Tina,

I have the Lycoris radiata if your interested in trading. I'm getting ready to plant in the next few weeks and looking for some new color. Any type of bulbs would be welcome! :)

peace & planting

Jim & Evie
Cleveland, Texas

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Hello :)
I would be interested in trading calla lillies for these. I have calla lily "Naomi Campbell" It is a beautiful dark rich color.
Thank you,

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Hi :)
If you have any still left, I would be interested. Feel free to check out my trade list ..I mostly have daylily seedlings and a few daylilies.


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I have daylilies ,irises,red spider lilies ,naked ladies,cannas the tall red spiked ones,creeping phlox the lavender,i have mixed dianthus,yellow cannas,1500 daylilies I am interested in your oriental lilies thank you if you think you might be interested my email address is dreamer4742004@yahoo.com you can see some of my plants on daves garden under dreamer474

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Hey I'm glad you replied quickly I have spring fever don't you? I know exactly where my inamitable is cause its right on the end and my little wine cup is by the back door and so are my dianthus I have 3 patches of mixed dianthus but the other 2 are not going to found until they bloom how about your bulbs how soon and easy are they to find and how many bulbs round about do you figure you can trade we might can do this pretty soon and actually see their blooms this year that would be good but I would protect my daylily through the rough winter maybe in a pot then plant it in spring or we can wait until spring to dig your choice.gotto go to work hope to hear back soon

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