Yamadori Collecting Question! Help!

whnthewallsbend(7)March 7, 2013

I recently came across an excellent yamadori specimen on a hike - but its rooted and growing in a huge rotten log. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this situation? I wasnt sure if I could extract the plant from the wood while still keeping enough of the root structure intact. Im worried the process will damage the plant too much for it to be viable to survive. Any and all advice would be amazingly helpful! Thank you!

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yes im guessing it might be a hemlock. do you have a picture of it. I just got a hemlock from a rotted stump near cedar river in renton, wa. Glad to hear your from seattle. I would like to go with you next time for some yamadori hunting. I have no close bonsai friends.

But the proper procedure would be to bring some gloves and a long spade shovel and just try to pull out as much of the long taproot that is going down the stump trying to look for water. In my case I found a long taproot as tall, if not taller than the tree itself.

The hemlock I got is at my blog. check it out and contact me, I would like to hunt with you.

Here is a link that might be useful: my blog

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