serissa bonsai help

maggiemullholandMarch 22, 2013

Hey guys,
I recently acquired a serissa bonsai and repotted it as soon as I got it due to the tiny plastic pot it was in. Now it is losing leaves (but also growing new ones) but I think I may have planted it in a bad growing medium and a pot too big for this tree. I would like it to grow bigger but at this point I just want to make sure I keep it alive in order for it to get bigger. I attached a picture. Any advice is appreciated:) thanks

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

How about sharing why you think it's a poor medium, what you're doing to maintain it, your watering habits, where you live, information that will us help you .....


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I live in a college dorm in the mountains, its cold for this time of year so the tree stays inside. Right now to maintain the tree I'm just watering it when the soil dries out. I was on another forum and someone told me the medium looked bad but after researching it I actually think it's ok. It's a bonsai mix I bought along with the tree at Strange's.

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I can help with the pruning which could be done in spring. Look for the tallest branch and reserve that as the top of the tree.

Look for a good branch that strolls to the right, and one that leans toward the left. Leave a branch for the back.

No branch should come toward you.

No branch should touch another branch.

Too keep leaves small, cut each leaf in two. You usually won't have to cut the same leaf twice. Once cut in two they start putting out smaller leaves.

If you have bonsai wire, you can shape the branches into attractive designs.


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